Disc Golf is a variant of ball golf, but with special frisbees or flying discs. However, instead of hitting a ball off a tee and aiming at getting it down a hole in as few strokes as possible, disc golf involves throwing a disc from the tee and hitting an above-ground target in as few throws as you can. Disc golf courses are considerably shorter than ball golf courses, although a disc golf course will tend to cover much more undulating terrain and make more use of natural obstacles along the fairway.

The sport is cheap to play and accessible to anyone - even if there isn’t an established course nearby players can make up object courses or use temporary baskets to create holes and courses of their own. The sport can be played by all ages and all abilities and though it is essentially you against the course there are also team events and competitions. All variations of Disc Golf bring the values of Spirit of the Game to the fore. It is self-officiating and marshalled by all who play with a code of conduct that requires the highest standards of honesty and integrity as well as self-reliance and self-regulation of behaviour. Like all disc sports, Disc Golf helps develop personal strengths that enable individuals to be resilient, reliable and resourceful.

Schianovi Park Disc Golf Course Map