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Malibu Kayaks was founded on two main principles: to disrupt the norm by way of innovation and quality, and to always pursue perfection by never taking the easy way out.

Every idea starts with a problem, and ours was simple: kayaks all look the same.  We started Malibu Kayaks to create an alternative.  We believe every paddler deserves a kayak designed for their individual needs, not the other way around.   We don’t believe in a “one hull fits all” model.

Malibu Kayaks began in the industry as retailers and slowly making a transition to manufacturer, simply because we believe we could make better kayaks than what was available.  We knew firsthand the challenges to selling and buying a suitable kayak.  The key was education.  By being an informed retailer and manufacturer, we understood how unique each paddler was and how different each region's needs are.   We began educating the masses on what we knew to become informed buyers.  We apply the same principle of education to our dealer support.  By engaging with customers directly, and drawing from the expertise of our suppliers, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking, and better-performing kayaks and accessories.